Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dead Center

Man, I hate being unemployed. Every day just kinda drags by, nothing going on. The unemployment insurance is decent, and I'm getting all kinds of junk up on eBay for extra funds. Just the other day I actually sold my No. 4 Mk. 1 Lee-Enfield for $140 plus shipping. Good riddance. The stupid thing wouldn't feed from the magazine for love or money. At least with Remmy soft-point ammo.

I sold a pack of six computer games for like $50 plus shipping on eBay a couple weeks ago. To some guy from Kazakhstan. I couldn't believe it, the big K, I mean, do they even speak English there? Granted, this dude's actually pretty intelligent, and he does speak good English, but so far we have not found a single transaction site that will accept payment from Kazakhstani banks.

Bidpay, Paypal, it's all the same. "We do not deal with banks from that country." It looks like it's gonna be US cash mailed directly to me. Or cancel the auction entirely and back out. What a mess. On a positive note, I found a treasure trove of cat pics. One example of which is found at the top of this post.

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