Sunday, 11 December 2011

Busy weekend

Just got back from the biggest range trip ever. I managed to fit nineteen, yes 19, guns in the back of my Nissan. There's still that 8mm Mauser I bought three months ago that's still in the box, so I didn't take it along. But, the important thing is, they all got their exercise and there is no more dust lingering in their barrels. Had two buddies and a 10-year old kid with me. We all had a great time. Got a chance to break in the Browning lever-action .22 and try out the Sig P220. I also tested the H&R single-shot 12 gauge break-action I picked up a while back. Word of warning: recoil is much worse with an ultra-light shotgun. Even light loads seem like buckshot. On the plus side, I found that it ejects shells quite enthusiastically.

Now here's a home surgery story for the books; for a long time, I've noticed a skin tag just below my left underarm. More recently, I've looked for the best way of dealing with these nuisances. Google skin tag if you don't know what one is. It wasn't large, by any means, just a floppy piece of growth shorter than a .22 bullet. Several sources stated that skin tags are benign and can be removed by any means available, as long as everything was sterile during the removal.

So, I decided that tonight was as good a time as any, and right before I got into the shower, I grabbed my Kershaw(the knife pictured in the post below) and proceeded to saw away at it. It was tricky, because I had to pinch it with the fingers of my left hand, while looking in the mirror and trying to find the right place to cut. Wow, those Kershaws are like scalpels! After a considerable amount of blood got on the blade, and trickled down my side, I had successfully removed my own skin tag. YMMV.

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